Upgrade from Version 5 or 4

WhatSize 6.6.3 Now supporting macOS High Sierra
Localized in Fran├žais, Deutsch and Italiano and 100% CLEAN


We are working very hard to make this program useful and this is the first paid upgrade in 7 years

We are also very thankfull to all our registered users and are offering an upgrade to version 6 for the reduced price of $14.99, or 50% off.

Following are a few simple steps to upgrade to V6.

If you have a comment or question please Drop Us a Line

- 1/5) Download the current v6 release. Open the diskimage and move WhatSize.app into your Applications folder or any other folder for that matter.

- 2/5) Run the application, navigate to the license pane and click In App Update

- 3/5) Click Purchase Upgrade


- 4/5) Continue with the Embedded Secure payemnt engine

- 5/5) Obtain the pdf with the serial key which you should print and than dismiss

Finally: Once you close the Invoice window you will see the Registration window.
Under Serial Key: you should see the key you just purchased.
Under v5 Serial Key: Pease enter your previous v4 or v5 key. Decide if you want to register for just you or all users of the machine and hit Register